vineri, 29 iulie 2011

Is Always the Jurney, Not the Destination

We decided couple of weeks ago to take a trip to Macedonia, to see the Ohrid Lake. Well, we are on the road. Again. There is always a lot of fun in our road trips, because we stop a lot during the jurney, to take pictures on the road, to see some new things, to wonder around if something seems beautiful.

First stop was soon after we passed the first border, near Stamora, in Bulgaria, there is a bridge we always want to have a closer look. It was build in 1877 and its name is Biala. I will come back with some more pictures, this is the one I took with my purse camera :).

Then, we stopped directly in Sofia, so Bogdan could meet with his ex-colleagues from Reader’s Digest. I thought we will have dinner with them but, to my big surprise, Bogdan took me and only me in a very special place, on Pancharevo Lake, at a restaurant named Lebed.

There was the perfect company, with a perfect setup, in a perfect restaurant, with the perfect view and the perfect food and wine.

The avocado, shrimps and trout salad was and incredible dish, the olives bread was just baked and the Katazyna’s Question Mark red wine complimented perfectly the food.

After that, I tried the trout stuffed with cheese and salmon, and Bogdan a well seasoned sea-bass.

And now I'll go to have some breakfast, 'cause I'm starving just looking at those pictures.
 Then back on the road, my friends! 
Next stop: Ohrid.

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