sâmbătă, 2 iulie 2011

Troubles in Paradise

Tonight I had a nervous breakdown and I'm feeling very bad about that. I'm usually very patient and I try to teach my kids that lesson in harmony. I have a very simple principle, some of you might blame me for that: as long as they don't heart themselves or other people, I let them do what they want. They need to learn their own lessons, so there is not much forbidden or highly unapproved. We just draw their attention if we think something is wrong, and we try to teach them how to react and to face the problems. Experience is the best teacher, isn't it?
Is true, Runa and Radu are more obedient and is easy to get them where I want, while Mara is very stubborn and usually in a conflictual disposition. Wear a funny dress? OK with me, if they can bear other people's laugh! Dressed too thick or too thin? Then, suffer the consequences!
But tonight I broke my rules and got mad on little Radu, because he refused to put on his shoes while going to dinner. It was Gala Night, so we all dressed up (in the last few nights I didn't even wore make-up, because I went from the beach to dinner and then straight to sleep), and he didn't accept to wear the shoes. We left the room naked feet, no problem! Went down on the stairs, put on his socks on the first step. I asked him nicely to take the shoes, he refused. One time. Two times. Five times. And, here I was. I don't know where it came from, I'm really sorry about that, but suddenly I threw the shoes and one of them hit him in an arm. He cried and he cried, I left the battleground crying too, I think I broke everybody's evening... He came with Bogdan and apologized, even kissed me on my cheek, and kept stuck with me the whole evening.
But I have such remorse, I can't even look myself in the mirror.
I put him in bed, but actually Bogdan took him to sleep, because I was to nervous to make him sleep. Tomorrow everything is gonna be better, I know, but for now I'm just a momma who lost her temper and feels bad about that.

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habarnam spunea...

Auch. Doar o dată??? Eu am ajuns tocmai contrariul. Imi pierd cumpătul din orice și intotdeauna sfârșesc prin a țipa la el. Nici măcar nu-l mai impresionează. Trecem printr-o perioadă tare dificilă. Speram sa fie scurtă, dar se pare că dăm din una în alta. Tot zic că e doar o etapă, dar nu mai pleacă și e greu. Te admir că după trei copii ești atât de calmă. Am citit "secretul" dar mie nu-mi reușește. :((

http://autoare.wordpress.com/ spunea...

I think you are the sweetest momma in the whole universe :)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@habarnam: Ei, nu-ti imagina ca sunt tot timpul zen :). Insa nu am iesiri violente, mai tip si eu la ei din cand in cand, insa nu arunc cu lucruri de obicei :). Dar cu trei, as face comotie cerebrala daca m-as enerva permanent, la cate boacane fac pe ora si metru patrat :).

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@autoare: Ma simt deosebit de flatata :), insa nu cred ca merit asa o statuie :)).