luni, 25 iulie 2011

Maria's Choice

There is a Romanian tradition which says that, one year after baptizing a baby, the godparents have to cut a strand from the baby's hair and give it to his mother to keep. 

Even if I kept and practiced this tradition for every godchild I have, I didn't know until last weekend that this is not an orthodox custom, but a pagan one. The religion does not say to practice it, it has nothing to do with the church, but is a good opportunity for the family to gather and cherish the moment of being together. 

So, the tradition says that the godparents dress the baby with new clothes...

... offer gifts to the baby and let him choose some objects from a plate. 

 It is said that the child's future is designed by his choices, so the parents and godparents put on the plate kind of everything they wish the baby to pick, like books, pens, money, beauty gear, car keys, all the crazy stuff you can imagine. The baby can choose only 3 of them.

Wait, there is something more: the godmother has to break a cake above the baby's head, for wealth and luck in the baby's future life.

We take the tradition very seriously here, so Maria received all the necessary gifts to improve her future: new clothes and shoes (a very nice white collection), gold earrings and a necklace, a wonderful cake and, of course, toys. 
She chose the best possible things:

the Book

the Lipstick 

and her father's car keys.

Her brother, Andrei, took her in his arms...

... and made her melt of sweet brother's love.

Then, all the kids did what they know best: played and played and played again.

We are all wishing Maria the best and beautiful life, good fortune and plenty of love!
Good luck and good life, my dear niece and god-daughter!

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alina spunea...

No, no, no, Cami, there's an orthodox custom, too!! During the ceremony in the church, the priest himself will cut some strands of hair of the baby, I'm not sure about what that symbolizes, but it has a holy meaning as well. :)
Best wishes for little Maria, she is beautiful, may she have a wonderful blessed life!!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@alina: Thank you for the nice wishings!
You're talking about baptizing ceremony, and there is a clear symbol in cutting the newborn's strand of hair. The hair represents the man's thoughts, given to God, by the priest. There are some more interpretations, but this the most accepted. There is another one, who says that the newborn has nothing to sacrifice for God, so he's offering his hair (representing the beauty), but I think the first one is more likely to be the right one.
The church does not mention as official orthodox custom the home ceremony of cutting the strand, but I think you are right, is somehow linked with the baptizing ceremony, but is not church-related, only accepted as it is.