duminică, 17 iulie 2011

Weekend Report

We ran away from the city this weekend, but we split in two: Runa went in the mountains with her cousin, Andrei, and the rest of us in my brother's summer place. Is a small house on a hill, little more than one hour drive from Bucharest. Actually, is not a house, but a yard and lots of trees, the house is some day to be finished. We loved the temperature, 15 Celsius degrees lower than in the city. After a week of incredible heat, the village's freshness was more then welcomed.

The kids had tremendous fun, running and hiking and rocking, picking green apples and plums from the trees, shooting the water guns, sitting around the fire, comforting the cats and watching the frogs.

We ate barbecue, drank a lot of beer, moved from one chair to another, in only two words:  
doing nothing
Not even thinking. 
Just enjoying each others company, watching the kids playing around, having small chats and making fun out of nothing.

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