luni, 19 septembrie 2011

Bucharest Days

Yesterday we went downtown for a little walk with the kids. The old city center was full of people, all enjoying the beautiful weather and the many surprises the City Hall prepared for Bucharest Days. 

Is the first time we took the kids in the area and, even it was way too crowded for their taste, they really felt good and walked side by side with us. Some of the streets are still in repairs, but most of them are filled with nice decorated restaurants and artisans selling their craft work.
We listened some nice music near the stage of the Folk Festival, where the singers were at rehearsal, we visited the Stavropoleos church (one of the oldest in Bucharest) and we went to the Royal Palace's ruins, part of the History Museum of Bucharest.

It felt really good celebrating the gorgeous autumn afternoon... hope it's gonna last.

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Ana spunea...

you guys seemed to be having lots of fun!<3<3<3

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

You have to watch us today! xoxo :)