joi, 1 septembrie 2011

Leman's and Emel's Party

Happy birthday, sweet girl! Leman is (of course) one of our god-daughters, but she is also our niece. She turned 3 on Sunday and we happily celebrated her in Mogosoaia, together with some good friends. 

To not upset her bigger sister, Emel, with two birthday parties for Leman, their parents used Emel's second name, Alexandra, to celebrate again, just because we couldn't attend the Saturday party. Check here why. So, everybody was just happy. 


We all wished Happy Name Day for Emel Alexandra and a Very Happy Twice Celebrated Birthday for Leman!

Runa was again the kindergarten's leader, she invented plenty of games and entertained all the kids. She kept them safe and sound the whole day, caressed them when tired or just in need of a hug, took care even of her own sis and bro. And you know this is more difficult than it looks.

Happy Birthday, Leman!
Happy Name Day, Emel!
Love you with all my heart!

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