duminică, 18 septembrie 2011

Celebrating. Again. More.

As I already said, last week was Radu's Birthday, he just turned three! Since he pees in the toilet, he tells everybody he's a man, not a boy, but when you ask him to do some stuff, replies he's just a little boy. Clever, ha?

Because last week Bogdan and Runa were in America (promised post coming soon - he didn't forget, he was just too busy), we decided to have a little party yesterday, with very few close friends. We are all relatives, too. I mean... all the kids at the party, Andu being the exception (but only because he was older, I think), were our God-sons or God-daughters.

So, barbecue, salads, beers and cakes, the recipe for a great afternoon between friends and for a great birthday celebration for my littlest son! With the dedicated help of my unbelievable mother-in-law, for which I don't have enough words to thank God!

Happy Birthday again, Radu! May all the people who love you to be around for as long as possible! Love you, sweet baby!

And if you're wondering, YES, the house was a total mess after this party. But the kids had all the fun in the world, and that's what matters most.

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