joi, 8 septembrie 2011

Lonely Players

Nothing is the same when Runa is in holiday away from home... 

I don't know how it comes, but when they are together they fight each other two by two, Runa with Mara and Mara with Radu, they crash my nerves, but meanwhile they are so cute! 
Runa is away with her father, in Yosemite (guest post coming soon!), for the whole week, and the house is much more quiet now... Quiet means sad to me, whatever others will say. The noise, the effervescence of their arguments, the irrational of their fights, are all part of our every day life, and their disputes for toys, remotes, which cartoon to watch of what kind of crafts to make are nothing but life. 
Sweet and good old life.

Mara didn't find her place in the park, she just moved from a swing to a slide, then asked to go home... Little Radu does whatever she wants, but I guess she just needs somebody to oppose to noisily.  So, this time she just ignored her brother. No arguing, no fights, no screams.
In three life is so much funnier!

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