miercuri, 14 septembrie 2011

Toons Story

"Daddy, I like Americans, they are speaking like in cartoons" @ Runa

The Apprentice invited me to guest post about my, yet another, trip to America. Do you remember Florida? This time as at least equally great and interesting and pictures are great:) But this time I will tell you about fathering experience.

Last week, Runa, our 10 and 1/2 y.o. daughter, and me, we went for one week holiday in California. It was an intense, busy, joyful experience. But beyond Yosemite,  the canyons, the waterfalls, the hiking, the lakes, the many many miles, the dessert, the amusement parks, the convertible, the sequoia trees, the ocean, the movie on the roof, cirque du soleil, Hollywood, stars and all other things we did and saw, I will tell you about what this trip meant for me and for the relationship with my daughter.

If interested, stay tuned, daily. Will try to finish by Saturday :)

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