marți, 19 iunie 2012

Colour... Smile... Joy...

Three words to describe some of the most beautiful handmade dolls I know: The Matildas from Maripos Handmade. Their story comes from Alina's childhood, when her grandmother used to tell her meaningful stories with Matilda as a central character. 
See how a good story told at the appropriate time can shape our future?!

Matilda is a happy doll, who can bring a smile on every children's face. 

Their "mommy" is a mother of a real doll herself, with miraculous hands and exuberant imagination. One of her brilliant ideas is to use your own baby clothes to make your own unique Matilda for your baby or as a gift for a friend's child, as a reminder of good old days.

Matilda can come also with her family, her sisters, her cat and her owl, so your kid will have stories to tell to their friends and kindergarten colleagues.

Alina, the soul behind Maripos Handmade, can be reached on Facebook, on Breslo (on-line shop), or by email:
Any doll can be purchased at 12 E a piece (50 lei), for special orders is better to contact Alina directly.
Use the code "Fairy" in your order until the 30th of June to get your own Matilda at 10 E (or 40 lei)!

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