joi, 28 iunie 2012

Yeeey, Holiday!

Every year, in the last seven years, we eagerly expected the summer holiday from Runa's school! Why? To go in Turkey, of course! I know it may sound snobbish, but we found this to be the best holiday with small children, due to the beautiful beaches, always-sunny-days, billions of pools and amazing client service.

 We chose this year a different resort, Ela Quality Resort, and we think is a wonderful choice!
Talking about client service, each child found on his pillow a teddy bear, in the closet they had bathrobes fitting the right size for their ages (yes, Runa too!), fluffy slippers and for Radu a special treat with baby biscuits and bath amenities in the baby cot. 

Yesterday we traveled in the afternoon, so we arrived just in time for a bath in the swimming pool and dinner. Which pool to choose? Difficult question, there are so many pools I don't really know their number, for any kind of swimmers: from beginners to olympics!

In the evening, we were so tired, we fell asleep at 10'o clock, the children even earlier!
They woke up VERY FRESH and 7 am, chirping like three sparrows, with the pools in their mind.

The hotel's garden is huge and full of flowers in a yellow and orange color palette, with marigolds, iris and dahlias, with small accents of pink.

There are some weak points, we found the main restaurant too small for such amount of people, but the food is really, really good and the personnel very careful and obliging. The other thing is the distance between the rooms and the beach, or the restaurants or everything, you need to walk a lot. Is good for health, anyway!

Runa was taking a walk on the special barefoot path, an interesting concept of healing through walking in different mediums. 
See you later with more pics and news!

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