duminică, 10 iunie 2012

Weekend Reloaded and Happy Friends

Our good friends Andreea and Dio (you can see them HERE and in THIS post and in many others from my blog), together with Andreea's parents (welcome, re-united family!) just moved together in a beautiful, beautiful house. They invited us yesterday to visit them and have a barbecue together. And... we forgot all our photo cameras home! So we have no pictures at all from yesterday!
Home is the place of our dreams, it is where our heart is and there is no limit to the joy one receives on getting the key to one's new home. So, our best wishes and hope you'll be happier than ever in your gorgeous new home, Andreea and Dio!

However, I still have some nice pictures from last week, when we spent our Sunday afternoon in Carol Park with our sons-in-law Violeta, Bogdan and little David

Bogdan and the girls were roller skating again, having lots of fun. The only one resisting the whole day was Runa, of course!

While I'm almost never wearing black, that weekend I felt like doing so... is so not me, I hate black outfits!

This being shown, I'll go to vote, is major election day today in Bucharest!

6 comentarii:

habarnam spunea...

oai, ce frumosi sunteti! si-ti sta bine si cu negru, la fel de doamna esti. pup
unde-l tunzi pe Radu? ca-mi plac buclele lui. Si Gogo are nevoie de aceesi freza( tot pt. pastrarea buclelor:))

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Multumesc, doamna! Dar starea mea de spirit e foarte colorata in general!
Pe Radu il tund in baia de sus, dar cred ca-mi iese si-n parc :)).

habarnam spunea...

hahahah, atunci da-mi voie sa vin in baia ta de sus, ca mie in a mea nu-mi iese:)))

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

pai vino, va asteptam! :)

Anonim spunea...

O sugestie: to roll inseamna a se rostogoli. Daca doriti sa spuneti s-au dat cu patinele cu rotile, corect este: they were roller skating.

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@M: multumesc frumos pentru corectura, este mai mult decat binevenita! Oricand.