sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2012

White Party and Chinese Circus

Time goes by so fast when you are in holiday with three children! Make them eat, wash them, dress and undress, washing the swimming suits, poop accidents, don't forget the sun protection, bring some ice cream, pee accidents, everything is happening so quickly! 
And when the evening comes, you get ready for the party! We already attended two beautiful shows: the White Party, with a spectacular ice sculpture live and some jet ski demonstration, and the Beijing Acrobats, who delighted us with an amazingly (and unexpected) good circus show.

It started from the restaurant, with ice sculptures all around the entrance way.

We all wore white to fit the theme :).

The girl were super-trendy with their fluo sandals!

Radu started to heat the dance floor before the show! 

We stopped to admire the setup one more time, then we went to bed...

Last night we totally admired the Beijing Acrobats, a beautiful show performed with so much passion by a big team of well prepared young Chinese.

The rest of the time, you know: swimming, sun, sea, all the good things! I will come back soon with new pictures from the Mediterranean shore.
Be well, friends!

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