miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

Our Little God-Daughter

She is sweet and smart, you can tell by the way she looks at you, and she listens to no one but her mother.

Andreea and Petre visited us recently together with Maria Azaria and it was so amazing to see how much she grew up in such little amount of time. 

Of course I remember how fast the kids are growing, Runa is 11 now and I'm still wondering when all this time flew away! But I saw this little angel after a while and she seems suddenly so big and with such beautiful coordination in her movements!

Mommy dressed her up in the color of her eyes, which happens to be my favorite color, too!

There is no better place like mommy arms, isn't it?

Oh, maybe it is, can I change my mind, please? please???

Or maybe not... mommy, help!

I think I can manage a brother, yes, sure I am! What, a boy is not a brother? Oh, daddy, what did you say? You'll buy a gun? I need to cover my ears!

Dinner time! Yummy!

There are nice things in my godparents yard!

Mommy, I can manage it myself!

I think so! Look, look at my hand!

Oh, Mara can help me anytime!

We have a big family, with all cousins and godsons and brothers and sisters-in-law, and is always a pleasure to spend time together. I wish we can see each other more often and children get to know each other better than it happened in our families when we were kids. 
Because family is what we have really valuable and is good to know you love and you are loved and you can count anytime on it.

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