marți, 17 iulie 2012

My Boys

Is a beautiful weather right now. 
First day cooler after few weeks in a row with huge temperatures and uncomfortable humidity. I went outside and my clothes didn't stuck to my body and I even felt I could wear makeup. 

But, because there is a but, my back hurts and the effort makes me nasty and snappish and lacked of focus.

So I took a look at last week's pictures and I felt instantly better watching Bogdan and Radu fooling around the beach with some buckets in their hands, splashing water all around.

I love them so much, my heart is melting when I see how much fun they're having together and how Bogdan is making funny faces and entertain his little boy. 

And what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm really grateful for my life as it is and for the people I'm sharing it with.

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