luni, 23 iulie 2012

Happy Weekend Behind {part one}

Last Friday, when we heard at news that the temperatures will rise at almost 40 degrees in weekend, we suddenly decided to go to the mountains. Saturday morning, not very early, we left our burning city and we tried for the first time the new highway to Ploiesti, the A3. It's opened few days ago and I loved it, is shortening the time to reach Valea Prahovei. But in Sinaia the traffic was awful, so we decided to go to Peleș Castle, the former residence of the Royal Family and one of Queen Marie favorites.

Thanks to Ana, who highly recommended it, we went to Piatra Șoimului Hotel, a very children-friendly place in Sinaia, with their own restaurant, Kuib, where we felt really very welcomed. From our room balcony we could watch the children playing outside in the grass playground, from the restaurant terrace we saw them playing in the sand playground. In the evening, Radu had to be washed from head to toes, because he literally swam in the sand. 

In the restaurant, a nice surprise, we had our table already reserved and arranged (I was kind of anxious about it, knowing they scheduled a nice show in the evening - Love and Fire, with Eugen Istodor and Gigi Melody!).

The food was perfect, the show was nice, we went to bed only to get ready for a new adventure on Sunday morning!

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ZADIN spunea...

Toate pozele sunt superbe. Aş putea să fac o glumă şi să te întreb şi eu unde sunt făcute. {am postat şi eu nişte poze dintr-o vacanţă la Sinaia şi am fost întrebată de o româncă, unde sunt făcute... dar se vedea clar Castelul Peleş}. Da, ştiu, am o sămânţă de răutate în mine.

Anyway... superbe pozele. Romania rules.