miercuri, 25 iulie 2012

Happy Weekend Behind {part two}

Is Wednesday already and I'm wondering where all those days are going. It seems so long ago since our weekend in the mountains, the heat is almost unbearable, the things are moving slowly.

So, I'm back with our adventurous weekend pictures, when we wanted to mount on Babele peak. First we went to the cable, but it wasn't even open and the line was already huge. So we rented a car on the spot and we went off-road from Sinaia to Babele. It was a difficult road for me, with my painful back, but the kids were absolutely astonished and delighted. 

We took some steps up from the Bucegi Plateau, where wind and rain have turned the rocks into spectacular figures such as the Sphinx (2216 m) and Babele (2206 m).

After a while we went down by cable and rushed to get home to celebrate. What? Oh, Bogdan's birthday. 

Well, it wasn't his birthday at all, but Mara wanted to celebrate earlier, because she knew she'll be in the camp starting today, so she's gonna miss the real birthday party.

Guess who turned out the candles? Of course, Radu. And Mara. And Runa. 
But... we all ate the cake!  

Mara left today for her first camp and I'm kind of sad and worried, but she seems so happy... She called me and Bogdan today many more times than I remember and told us how fine she is. 
So, I guess I'll be ok, isn't it? (big and deep sigh)

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beautiful family! have a great week! xxx