marți, 8 februarie 2011

Andalusia - Baeza

Heading Granada, we stopped in a small town, named Baeza. It was already night, but the city have shown us its beauty, so we wandered around on the streets for an hour or so.

Baeza is known today as having many of the best-preserved examples of Italian Renaissance architecture in Spain and is on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

I was sitting in front of Santa Maria fountain, close to Cathedral of Baeza. The temperature outside went down more than I could bear, so I used all my available clothes.

The famous fountain in a different light :).

A vue of the cathedral from a narrow picturesque street. The atmosphere was so sweet, we felt sorry we had to leave so quickly.

Santa Maria's cathedral facade, designed by Andres de Vandelvira.

I'm sorry I cannot name the places, the only recognisable sites for me are the Cathedral, the beautiful Santa Maria fountain and the University, for all the other places I don't know their names.

The University was established in 1538, and now is a summer school for the University of Granada.

The impressive arches are architecturally illuminated, so even during the night the view is so fantastic.

That evening we arrived in Granada, very late at night, and we made our tryumphal entrance at Alhambra Palace, a gorgeous hotel located just outside the Alhambra's ancient walls. 
But about the nice surprises we faced in the morning, tomorrow.

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Rural Revival spunea...

Amazingly beautiful...How I wish I could be there. Thank you!!

Anonim spunea...

Yes, probably so it is