joi, 24 februarie 2011


Actually, she doesn't exist. No name, no paper, nothing. Some sort of examiner act where is written one name: Gabor. No sex, no birth date, no parents.
But today I met her. She is 8 years old, started school in September, and she is the best in her class. She is a blue eyed gypsy (or rom, to be politically correct, which I'm not), beautiful, shy and cute. I asked her name and she said is Georgiana Geta. Her mother calls her Geta. The school teacher thought it might be an abbreviated name from Georgiana and told her so. Since then, she presents herself with both names, but no family name.

Picture by Mihai Stetcu

She lives in a house without electricity, heating themselves with a stove, and I found out the wood they used for heating have finished couple of days ago. And here is winter. And is snowing.

Picture by Mihai Stetcu
 Her mother is a traditional gypsy, selling pots and some other stuff to make a living for her 3 children.

Picture by Mihai Stetcu
 She was smart enough to send her (brilliants) children to school and now good people are trying to help them. With some wood, food, identity papers from the mayor's office. It makes your heart feel warmer when you find out there are people like this and I hope I am a part of them.

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