duminică, 6 februarie 2011

Good-bye, Weekend!

It was a restfull weekend, Bogdan was sick, so we took it easy. Yesterday Runa wanted to go skating, Mara wanted to go at a children playground. 

It was still cold outside, so we took both girls to a mall with playground, so we could let Mara play there and Runa skate as long as she wanted.

Mara tried the Galaxy Explorer... 

... then she rode the swan (or should I say drove?).

Today she was the captain on the playground, she gathered lots of kids around her, making new friends and running everywhere.

 Radu was so happy having Runa around him all the time in the park, she helped him with the gliders, and rockers, and all the swings and other stuff around.

Runa was really something today, she followed Radu everywhere, while I was watching Mara, playing foolish games with him and helping him to climb all the toys around.

 Here is the proof! She glided with both her brothers, not only once, but all the times they requested so.

Mara had this evening a neighbour visiting her, a little girl bit older than her. They played together in the playroom, unusually quiet for her. And, when I went upstairs, I saw both of them sitting on small chairs, with books in their hands, Mara reading Wall-E for Elena, the other girl. I was really very happy, even I know she didn't read for real, because she saw the movie so many times, now she can recite the book only watching the pictures. And of course, because she doesn't know to read yet. Although she knows all the letters and she is able spell some words easily.

When we came back from the park I took Radu to sleep, and the girls went to their grandmother "suite". Mara was really very knotty and rebellious, as usually, and she told her to grandmother: "Why do you ask me to do that? You are not my boss, you know...?"

So, this being told, I'm wishing you a great week ahead! 

4 comentarii:

Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

You Dragon, get well soon because you miss all the fun with your fairy and elfs. :-)

Bogdan Vasile spunea...

Better already, thx for caring :)

Marie spunea...

I wish we had a mall that fun. Ours has nothing for kids to do.
My son is 15 years old and on Friday he took his almost 2 year old sister to the park and went down the slides with her... it was a lot of fun for both of them. Your daughter is very stylish :)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

My biggest daughter wants to become a designer, so I think her style represents her, too :). We have many malls like that and the developers are planning even more. This must be good, isn't it?