duminică, 22 mai 2011

Barcelona, Day #2

Because this short holiday was Runa's birthday present, she was allowed to choose how we should spend the day. So, the second day in Barcelona we took a long walk near the Arc de Triomph, then we went to the Zoo.
The Arc de Triomph is located on Passeig de Sant Joan, at the beginning of a very long and beautiful pietonal walk which ends in the Park of the Ciutadella. Is build in red bricks, in a Moorish Revival style, and it was erected in 1888 for the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona.

We took a long walk in the Park of the Ciutadella, starting from the Castle of the Three Dragons (Castel dels Tres Dragons), also build for the Universal Exhibition in 1888.It was built to resemble a medieval castle and served as a restaurant during the 1888 exhibition. It currently houses the zoological and geology collections of the Museu de Ciències Naturals (Natural Science Museum).

One of the most popular attractions in the Park is the Cascada, a triumphal arch with waterfall and fountain. The design resemble a little bit with Trevi Fountain in Rome. The architect (Josep Fontsère) was assisted by Antoni Gaudí, at the time still a student.

The last stop of the day was in the Zoo Barcelona, where we spent most of our day, watching the animals, eating ice cream and patatas fritges.

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