marți, 24 mai 2011

Mara's Opera Show

Yes, she is a little star, she cries when you're threatening her about not going to rehearsal, she puts order between children and dances her soul out. On Sunday she perfomed on the main Romanian Opera stage: "The Doll's Store". I'm very proud of my little daughter and I'd love her to pursue her dream of becoming a real ballerina.
Pictures by Mihai Stetcu.

I asked myself if is my dream or her's, cause I didn't want to force her to fulfill my own dreams. Well... I never dreamed of being ballerina, I always wanted to be a gymnast. When I was a child, my real star was Nadia Comaneci, that's what I was dreaming about. But my skills were never so sharp, so I chose to be for a long time an artistic gymnast, before this sport became an Olympic discipline.  
So, I hope Mara will have the drive to become a ballerina, as I know we will help her in all her wishes and dreams.

4 comentarii:

Ionouka spunea...

Awww, how cute... :) A fost cit p-aci sa merg si eu la spectacol, acum imi pare de doua ori mai rau ca n-am ajuns!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Foarte frumos spectacolul, dar ne-au pus sa cumparam costumele :). Avem acum un costum de pui superb (si foarte scump), sper sa-i mai vina de Halloween!

Rural Revival spunea...

She's so adorable in that costume! I love the second photo the best.


The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Thank you, Andrea! Is my favorite photo, too.