marți, 24 mai 2011

Barcelona, day #3

On Sunday we did all the things we didn't do before, even with so many visits in Barcelona: we went again to Sagrada Familia in the morning, to visit the tower and interior without builders, like the last time we saw it. Runa was absolutely astonished, and I can say that also about myself, because the feeling you have in a church flooded with light is like nowhere else.
Gaudi was a huge genius and is gonna take a long, long time for the authorities to complete the whole building, but you can see how great he was by watching Sagrada now. Is completed by his guidelines, with stained glass windows and lots of unexpected details, as balconies and columns.

Then we split: Bogdan went to the Formula 1 Race at Montmelo (guest post coming soon!), me and Runa up on Tibidabo, to visit the adventure park. Runa was thrilled about the park, is on the top of a mountain, with a huge mountain russe and lots of other amusements. She got scared in a swing boat (just watch her expression!), but she faced well all the other devices.

In the evening we met again all three to enter the Aquarium, in the port, then we ate at La Bombeta (you can find more about this crazy place here).

Yesterday, on our way home, Runa told me she would like to stay there forever. Well... who knows? It was also in my mind, in the same time. Perhaps she will. Is closer to Lisbon than Bucharest, isn't it? :)

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Rural Revival spunea...

Love the photos of the marine life!
I agree with Runa, I could stay there forever. : )


The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

You should see Valencia's L'Oceanografico, is a gorgeous aquarium, much bigger than in Barcelona. Unfortunately, we lost all the pictures, so we should go there again, isn't it?

habarnam spunea...

Am fost la Sagrada Familia inainte sa fie terminata. Cred ca trebuie sa mai fac o vizita. :)) Superbe pozele, ca de obicei. :))