luni, 30 mai 2011

Saturday Report

It was a beautiful weekend and we totally forgot about work, internet, plans and any other boring and bothering stuff.  I tried to increase my presence and I think I succeeded, I enjoyed so much spending time with Bogdan and the kids, you know, just living on basics. We don't need too much to be happy, just the presence of people we love, some food and some beer :).
We spent the whole weekend in a small village between the hills, one and half hour driving from home, in my brother's yard, playing with the kids, sleeping, barbecuing (I mean eating, because my brother prepared the food) and making soap bubbles. And pictures. That's why I'm telling you today only about Saturday, it was hard to choose from more than one thousand pictures, and Sunday was so glorious! I need to tell and show you more.
 Radu was the number one bubbles fan this time, he fought with Mara every 10 minutes for the bottle, even we brought one for each kid.
 Mara was running all the time, up and down, picking flowers and playing with Alexandra, her cousin.
Children's table...
 Our wise niece, Alexandra.
 Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.
 Runa was very helpful with the kids on Saturday... I might tell you later what she did on Sunday :).
 Accomplices in action!
 Dolls in chains, lots of imagination flying around!
 Marian, my brother, preparing the wood for barbecue. He is the best!
 Meanwhile, Radu was overturning Runa with the beach chair... yes, he is very strong!
 There was kind of swinging competition...
 Maria won... she is 1 year old and her grandmother is teaching her to walk. She can swing better.
 But soon she's gonna run, no more grandma's help.
 Alexandra forgot about the soap bubbles, she has chosen the dandelions instead...
 Mara is already an expert in blowing dandelions!
 Sharing secrets...
 ... and wonders...
 It was Alina's birthday last week and we kind of celebrated her Saturday night! Happy Birthday, sis! We should do that again, because this is the first Alina's birthday we didn't dance!
 That's me, yep.
 My barbecuing brother!
My sweet sister-in-law.
 Ice cream devouring on Saturday, Paracetamol on Sunday.
 Told ya' I didn't know what to choose!
Bogdan doing what he does best! 
See you soon with the Sunday adventures (and some new and beautiful places to discover)!
I'm wishing you (and myself) a fabulous week!

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