duminică, 15 mai 2011

My Weekend In Images

I fell asleep (again) in Radu's room this evening, after his bath, and I really don't know if he was the first asleep or myself. It might have been me, because I don't remember anything, except Bogdan knocking at the door, and myself asking what time it is.

It was a hell of a weekend, with a minutes schedule and lots of things to do. No, I didn't have time to think at all. All I had to do is... do. 

The Saturday started with Runa at the Chinese Painting Course, with Margareta from Learning Studio. She is Runa's teacher and meanwhile her own, because she is discovering new paths for her students, as well for herself.

We took the smaller kids in Kiseleff Park, in this gorgeous day, encouraging them to enjoy the beauty of reviving nature. It was also the Antique Fair in the area, they had a lot of fun watching the stuff while I was in the Peasant's Museum meeting my beloved friend Valentina.

Coming back from the Museum I had a lot of fun with the kids!

I have a new haircut and I'm so proud of it! Is the shortest hair I had in years, is so easy to live with!

Then I payed a visit to my mom at the hospital, she is having a bad time after a difficult treatment with lots of side effects. So I had to go today in the village she lives in to bring some more analysis here for her. It's strange how the doctors don't have her history in the computer, even she was there last week, too.

Saturday night we celebrated my friend's Ioana's birthday, yeeey! She invited us to her party, we had a lot of fun, listened good music (she previously worked for a famous radio station here) and ate some wonderful cooked food (she wanted to open a restaurant recently, too). Happy Birthday, Ioana!

This morning the girls went to the Opera, to see Hansel and Gretel, a nice opera show for kids. In Opera's Park we took some nice pics together, but Radu was really, really upset when he realized he won't go with them to see the show. 

Then we went with Radu to the village, as I said, to bring my mother medical history. Radu saw the little baby chickens and was delighted. We had to leave fast, to be back in time to pick up the girls from the Opera!

And then we had to prepare for the guests visiting our house this afternoon. Guests with kids, of course. Nice kids. I don't know why I fell asleep twice while writing this post. 

But tomorrow will start a whole new week, isn't it? Oh, YES!

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