luni, 27 decembrie 2010

3 Days of Christmas

Lazy days, pretty gifts, something new to learn: I don't think was any of us without one or more (much more) books in Santa's basket. Ok, maybe Radu this time, but he's taking Mara's books every day. What are you doing? I ask. Radu's reading, he answers. 

 The kids woke us up early in the Christmas day, telling us they cannot open their presents if we don't come immediatly downstairs!

Radu is assembling his favorite car with a plastic screwdriver, he has a good attitude on it. 

Her favorite perfume was in the bag, with a book, and I cannot tell what she enjoyed most.

Surprise: here is a special gift - more books :).

Of course, a book about fairies, and some Barbie fairies, too...

Fairies and butterflies, Mara is happy!

Runa's wishes were not granted by Santa this year: she wanted some drums as a gift! Can you believe it? The guitar from last year is forgotten in one corner, I think she must reflect better on what she wants. And she got a bunch of... guess what? Books!

Radu also started to take pictures... 

... with all the cameras in the house, fixing cars and dolls. Of course, his father can fix the dolls better, for the moment. 


He calls himself an expert in Barbie's fixing.

Andrei, my nephiew, is such a good boy, he's sitting with his grandmother, watching the girls making their show. He is in lego business this year, I think is one of the best toys for boys.

After all that food and drinking, we took a long walk in the park, then Bogdan went with the girls to the cinema. It was like spring here on Chrismas day and yesterday. 

Well... not today... now is snowing like in a fairytale, you'll see.

3 comentarii:

ella@lifeologia spunea...

That looks like a wonderful Christmas.
My daughter would have had so much fun with your girls ;)

Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

Îhîm, deci ăsta e monstrul cu care faci pozele acelea perfecte!:-)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Asta e doar o mica parte din monstru :). Restul incape in vreo doi rucsaci!