miercuri, 15 decembrie 2010


This morning, very early, Runa went skiing in Austria. She started this sport 5 years ago, when she was almost 5. We sent her in a camp, with 2 monitors, in Predeal, and since then, every winter goes skiing and every summer she goes climbing and hiking, sometimes twice per season. 

It was a tough decision for us, since she was a very small child at the time, but now we can see the seeds we planted were in a very fruitful soil. 

Many friends asked me how we managed the stress to know our little baby child away in such adventure... well, we trust her. If she have shown us that she was afraid of doing that, we should take her home within 2 hours. 

She enjoyed every minute of her adventure, she found funny solutions at some problems (even at 5!) and she managed to be on the trail the whole day. Of course, there were many adults around her, taking care to have anything she needs, but nobody from the family was allowed, so they kept the camp in very well defined boundaries.

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