vineri, 17 decembrie 2010


I was lucky enough to join Bogdan in Viena for couple of days. He came for his job, I came to see again this beautiful city, now even more embellished by the Christmas lights. We met our friend established here and today we are going to celebrate another friend's birthday. Now I have to go, because I'm gonna lose the breakfast!

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giozi spunea...

Hi Pretty. Ohh you travel a lot. :)
I would like to travel a little. Ohh is to much time that I don't go to my country :( since 2001. I miss my family.

Your pictures are fantastic. Is a beautiful city.

This is my moment. We bough a ham by internet and it take 2 weeks in arrive, too much and my husbad was a litle upset, but this week came and he was so happy like a child :D

Have a nice weekend.

giozi spunea...

I did a mistake, I don't go since 2004 (typing error)