joi, 2 decembrie 2010

Finally, Winter

I wish I was in the mountains, in a small house with a big fireplace, with a cup of hot wine in front of me. Starting from the morning! Well... get up, girl!

Our morning was quite different than that! We woke up at 5'o clock to get ready, Bogdan had to leave for Viena only for today, so he got ready very fast and decided to go to the airport with his own car. Ha, ha, not so fast! He put his bag with the documents and the laptop in the trunk, his coat on the back seat, and... ummm..., the engine didn't start! No electricity! At all! He asked me to call a cab, it was already late, then he realized the trunk doesn't open anymore. We didn't even think that is should have a key! The high technology made us dumber, I guess. You should see me in my pajamas, on the back seat, trying to break the place between the chairs and to get back his gear! Oh, yes, I did it!

Sooo, he left for work and I hurried in the house to prepare the kids for school and kindergarden. Then I realized the family car I should use was in the back of the garage, behind HIS broken car. Plan B: the kids went to school with my mother-in-law with a taxi and I went to my meeting and then to the office by subway (much more faster than by car, anyway).

I had a great, great meeting with a French guy I like a lot (he was my boss back in 1997), had good coffee and lots of beautiful plans and ideas for the future.

The winter is finally here, is cold and sad and dirty, and I can't wait for the holiday!

In the mountains is snowing and is beautiful, but is gonna take some time to get there!

All images are from Romanian mountains!

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