sâmbătă, 4 decembrie 2010

Kids and Movies

Every Friday we go to cinema. From a long time. Is kind of family habit, since I don't remember when, only the two of us. When we find nice cartoons, we go with the kids on Saturdays, too.

Yesterday night we went to see Takers, with Hayden Christensen (as a thief) and Matt Dillon (as a cop). Not very bad, and somehow different, because the thieves didn't make it till the end. But Matt Dillon is far away of being an actor, I suppose he just has a great agent.

Today we entertained the kids with a Belgian movie, Sammy's Adventures, in 3D. We took Andrei, my nephew, with us, and he spent all day with my kids. Radu watched the whole movie without the 3D glasses, but he liked it even like that. An easy and pleasant story about the turtle Sammy, from it's birthday till it's "marriage", I wouldn't watch it second time, but is ok.

My crazy husband entertained the kids after the movie, riding a funny electric animal.

Runa rided the Princess carriage...

Then, she tried the plush animals with Andrei.

Mara and Radu, on the living room carpet, showing me how they would sleep. Of course they didn't, Mara never sleeps during the daytime on the wekends.

We had the house full with kids in the afternoon, Iulia and Alexandra came over, and it's clear for me I need to make a habit: taking more pictures. I don't have it and the pictures we took today were only with the mobile phone. What a photographer's family!

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