miercuri, 22 decembrie 2010

Salzburg, Austria

In 2007 we spent the New Year's Eve in Salzburg, Austria. With the girls and my mother-in-law. It was difficult to convince her to fly, but when Bogdan started to complaint about how tired he is and we should need some help with the girls, she didn't hesitate anymore. Is a little bit of blackmail here, isn't it?
Of course we could manage the trip together, but we wanted so much to take her with us for the good memories we knew she will treasure. 

The pictures are from Salzburg and surroundings, the city is gorgeous and the trails fantastic. Runa went skiing and skating, Mara was staring and sticking her nose on all windows (is he her mother daughter or what?). 

We celebrated a beautiful New Year's Eve in Crown Plaza Hotel and then on the streets and somehow we manage to conceive Radu at the time (grace to the Salzburg soup we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, is family history now). Ta-daaam!

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