luni, 13 decembrie 2010

Happy Birthday, Alexandra!

I love to have a big family! Alexandra is my niece and also my godchild, last week was her birthday, we celebrated her 5th anniversary!

The cake was in a shape of a butterfly (beautiful choice, Alina!), and Alex blew the candles several times, it was a funny trick, they lit on and on again...

All the kids played with some colorful modeling paste, making ice cream and cakes in different shapes. I "ate" lots of ice cream, it was good for my throat :).

Alexandra's smile is contagious for everybody, she is such a happiness to watch!

Radu's laughter is the same, he is so funny and joyful! Not that he's my child, but is really a pleasure to watch him laughing...

Alina, a heroic mother, cooked everything for the party, starting with some fish and a-la-russe salads, then schnitzels and "sarmale" (meat rolls in cabbage leaves). She was really awesome.
My smaller funny brother :) and Alexandra's father. Santa's "little" helper.

Ioana and her beautiful and curious daughter, Maria. Nice kid, isn't she?

Runa found some crafting game to play alone, the other kids were a little bit too small for her to play together.

But when the balloons arrived, she was happy to blow some and made the other kids laugh.

Alexandra loves balloons too, she is such a cute child!

Mara dressed herself like a princess, it was really cold outside but she didn't give up her beautiful dress. She made a clear statement: I will always wear only dresses, never pants! I do believe her for the moment, she is so stubborn!

Radu started to show also some preferences about clothes: Cars and Cars and Cars.
All my kids love colors and express that by drawing, painting, even by clothes.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, Alexandra! A little bit late, but from all our hearts!

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Beautiful photos. Everyone looks so happy! Katie x