miercuri, 13 octombrie 2010


Runa is a member of the jury in the Anim’est International Animation Film Festival, so in the last weekend we took advantage of this position and we went downtown to see (again) Up! Cute experience to go with all the kids, plus Andrei their cousin to the cinema Patria, everything was filled with the Ani'mest mascot, the white sheep. The next weekend she will decide the winner, what about that!

Runa's drawing was shown in the wall exhibition, I am so proud of her! She is 9 yo and loves drawing and painting.

This year she is finishing the primary school, but her evaluations are actually worse than last year. We should take care of that asap, in order to have a good degree when the first cycle finishes.

Sunday evening they were sooo tired, they squeezed all three in the little tiny space in front of our hall mirror, making fun and holding each other.

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