luni, 25 octombrie 2010

USA, Antelope Canyon and Las Vegas, Day #6

Today is our Independence Loss Day: October 24, 11 years of marriage.

To celebrate, we came to Vegas, but not before seeing the beautiful Antelope Canyon. Is truly an amazing piece of art, the water carved it in incredible shapes, curves and heights.
Let the pictures talk for themselves.

Here I carry Bogdan's tripod on my shoulders, as a real assistant.

Pipe Spring, in the Paiute's rezervation, a place which reminded me some of the poor villages in my country, Romania.

And Vegas, baby, to Caesar's Palace Hotel,
a place to celebrate with sushi and sake :).
I came upstairs alone to write this post and in ten minutes we had a Jackpot!!!
I have to close the computer and go spend the profits! :)

Almost forgot: here is the view from our room at 39th floor!

2 comentarii:

ella@lifeologia spunea...

Beautiful shots! WOW.
And big congratulations on your anniversary ;)

giozi spunea...

Canyon pictures are fantastic. Congratulations too :)