joi, 21 octombrie 2010

USA, Zion, Day#2

Yesterday I didn't see much of these, due to the pain in my knee, which stopped me to claim very high. I went to see the Weeping Rock, a short trail in the woods to a huge rock which, as the name said, is pooring water all the time.
But... Bogdan claimed all the way up to the Observation Point and Hidden Canyon, so here we are: more beautiful pictures from his adventures.

This is an overview of the Zion from the Observation Point.

Bogdan on the top of the world, exhaused, but happy! At 1983 m altitude, how cool is that?

The sunrise from the hotel, The Cable Lodge, beautiful accomodation!

The sunrise in Zion, gorgeous!

Me, close to the Weeping Rock, early in the morning.

From the way to the Observation Point, very nice sky, isn't it?

Help, I am surrounded by squirrels! And they're gonna eat my camera! Thank God I have another one!

On the way up...

The Hidden Canyon, actually that small space between the rocks is the way up and through the canyon!

Yes, the autumn is here, too!

The Hidden Canyon, now you understand why is hidden, n'est ce pas? Excuse my Franglish, it just came up like that!

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giozi spunea...

He he he I love the little one over your camera.
Nice trip!!

I just posted my this moment, but is early yet. Soule Mama doesn't post :(

Do you like paper doll? Yesterday I posted one free printable that I did.

Julia spunea...

What a stunningly beautiful place and beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them.