duminică, 31 octombrie 2010

Party all the time

As I announced yesterday, we hosted a huge Halloween Party this evening, with 15 kids and their parents. It was great, especially because my brother-in-law took care of everything, our only concern was that the party will take place in our big and children-proof house.

So, we had a popcorn and a cottoncandy machine at the first floor, clowns and mimes and creepy characters, costumes for all the children and plenty of food and refreshments. The good news are that we didn't work very hard on it, for the first time since we host parties the food was catered (usually we cook and prepare 1 week in advance - I mean especially my mother-in-law), we took disposable plates, forks and glasses, and it was everyting ok.
The one with the Nemo suit was me, but I've changed in a Flamenco dancer in about three minutes later, because my mother in law said I look like pregnant again :).
We enjoyed it very much, even if we didn't work so hard as usually. We cleaned the house in an hour after we finished, and here I am :). And I don't feel guilty at all, you know?

My brother-in-law, for the first time in his life face-painted, with his little daughter, Maria, only 2 months old.
Dio, our beloved friend, as a cowboy (or, better said, as an oil tycoon).

My friend Andreea (Dio's wife), as a sexy captain with me as a Flamenco Dancer.

Radu, as Spiderman.
Mara, a beautiful wizzard.
Runa, the Spider Lady.
Runa and Ioana, last one as a Vampire.

Mara and the pumpkins.

Me, Andreea, Alina and her husband Gabi, today was his 33rd birthday!
And, you know, tomorrow is Monday!

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ella@lifeologia spunea...

Wow. you guys had a blast. Love the decorations and gosh that Joker face - is incredible. He can only pull that off this year - next year his daughter will be petrified to be near him - unless he talks to her sideways ;)
Awesome fun!

Obaitori Spiritual Mothering spunea...

Beautiful. Looks like you had lots of fun. Happy Birthday Gabi! Love Katie