miercuri, 20 octombrie 2010

USA, Zion, Day#1

The bottom of the sea on a top of a mountain, this is how I see Zion.

Majestic and beautiful, with unreachable heights and long and romantic
walks through the Virgin River.

The Lower Emerald Pool, the Waterfall.

Emerald Upper Pool the most amazing lake, up on the mountain,
but close to the 200 meters stone wall.

Kind of a heart shaped in little pieces of stone, on the shore of the river.

This is me, not much of a photographer.

Water and sand, my favourites, downside the river.

Middle Emerald Pool, one of the four pools on the Emerald Trail.

The sun behind the mountain, embelishing the trees.

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Julia spunea...

Hello, this place looks beautiful. These photos are cheering me up on a what has been a bit of a dreary day