miercuri, 27 octombrie 2010

Do you believe in love after Cher?

She changed more than 10 outfits, sang like a diva and rocked the evening up!
She is 64, is looking good and she knows it!
But she has the guts to laugh of herself, and that made her more likable and pleasant.
We really, really loved it!
Image from: www.celebritywonder.com

We took some pictures after the show, on the hall upstairs, just for fun, because we are too tired to go out tonight. So... I will take the "I was here" pictures tomorrow evening, hopefully.

What I wore at the concert: leather jacket Guess by Marciano, short booties and faux pearls necklace from Charlotte Russe, some nice lace socks from Claire's and leopard print blouse from Ann Taylor.

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