vineri, 22 octombrie 2010

USA, Bryce Canyon and Some Other Goodies, Day#3

What a day!
We left Zion early in the morning, in our way to Page, Arizona. It took us forever to reach Bryce Canyon, due to the beautiful landscapes on the way, but nothing compares to Coral Sand Dunes National Park, Utah!
I don't have other words for that, so I let the pictures speak!

The East Rim, this is the East entrance to Zion, and a totally different view.

We stopped so many times in our way to Bryce, but this beautiful autumn landscape took our breath away...

Well, here we are! Bryce Canyon wished us a Bryce Day! So I wish to you!

And, in the end, we arrived at Page, Arizona, in a gorgeous evening light. Bogdan captured the sunset with both his cameras, so enjoy it!

See u tomorrow! XOXO

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