joi, 28 octombrie 2010

I Was Here

Last night, last show: O by Cirque de Soleil, at Bellagio. Water, air and fire.
And so much music... so beautiful and moving. The lyrics are written in a language you cannot understand, but you can feel it. It seems that you already know what they say, even the language was not discovered yet.

Then, we took the pictures I wanted so much and now we are back in the room to finish packing and go to sleep, cause we have a long way to go.
We are going to leave in the morning, on Thursday, and we will arrive back home Friday afternoon. We miss the kids so badly, we are looking forward to see and hug them.

What a journey, what a holiday!

2 comentarii:

ella@lifeologia spunea...

I love Cirque du Soleil, Havent' been to Vegas to see that show though - but I would love to!

Glad you're having an awesome time ;)

Kalimero spunea...

Thank you, it was really a very nice time!
You should go to see the shows, but my favourite is Ka from Cirque du Soleil (at MGM), I think is the best of all I saw (Zumanity, Varekai, O and Ka).