marți, 26 octombrie 2010

Cirque du Soleil - Zumanity

We just arrived back from Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil, as part of our re-investment we made from the money Bogdan won last night.

I wanted to put the images from YouTube directly on the blog, but I manage just to link directly to one of the most beautiful scenes from the show. Instead, I show you our tickets :).

It was funny, sensual and entertaining, Bogdan had a small part in the begining, when one of the ladies took him "for a drink" :).

The anchor was a trans-sexual with a beautiful voice and with a very good sense of humour, who had a look to the people in the room and asked who is single, who is married, who is gay? Some people raised their hands as answering the questions and, after the question with the gays, "she" asked:
"Why so many? The tickets for Cher were sold out???"

Were plenty of funny moments during the show, but the dances and the acrobatics, on the border of circus and burlesque, were the real thing.

After the show, we ate at MGM, and here is a piece of advice: never take the buffet half an hour before closing time. The food was bad, hard, cold, it seem to us that we could do better with an a-la-carte menu somewere else.

Aaaaand the best is yet to come: Cher tomorrow nightand after tomorrow Cirque du Soleil again - O at Bellagio!

I will be back with some pictures from the series: I WAS HERE! I mean here, in Vegas, because three years ago Bogdan was almost all the time in a conference at Mandalay Bay and I don't have even a picture here.

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