duminică, 24 octombrie 2010

USA, Horseshoe Bend and Monument Valley, Day #4

It was a very difficult day, due to the stubborn rain continuously coming over us, like the angry cloud from Winnie the Pooh coming over Tiger everywhere he went. Almost all our schedule turned upsidedown when we found out that our Lake Powell Tour was cancelled and moved the next day, at 7'o clock AM.

So, we decided to go to Horseshoe Band first, and then to decide what's next. Here we are, at 1000 feet height (more than 300 meters), overlooking the Colorado River. The view is breathtaking, and sitting on the edge of the Bend is one of the most beautiful experiences I had.

The rain kept coming over us, but we decided yet to go to Monument Valley, thinking that the weather will get better and we'll see some sunset over the buttes.
Well... we should check the predictions or ask a Navajo...
Still we have some beautiful pictures to show, due to Bogdan's talent and good photo gear he carried all time. It was very dark and raining, and the night has caught us in the park, which was scary, because is no light and nothing around, yet it has worth it.

This is our car at dusk.

Nice car, but only x 2 drive, not 4 x 4, and we were so tired... almost to fell asleep point.

In our way back to Page Bogdan stopped the car in the middle of nowhere, pulling on the right side of the Hway 98, in the heavy rain, directly in a muddy sand area.

We got down, and down, and the back wheels were almost entirely beared in the sand.
We had no mobile phones, no way to get out so I stopped a car on the road to ask for help.

It was a Navajo man with his two sisters, and I pray God for him because he was so, so kind and helpfull. He tried to push the car with us, but no chance to move it.

So he stopped some other car on the road, which was fortunately driven by a past colleague of him from school! Navajo too! They tried together, but again they failed. The last man drove back and brought his brother, with a huge car 4 x 4 and a strong rope, and pull us out from the muddy sand.


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