joi, 13 ianuarie 2011

Andalusia - Ronda

When we travel by car, a small sign on the road, or a pretty vue can make us change our route in a second.  In our way from Malaga to Sevilla we saw a city built on a top of a mountain, so we moved fast in its magnetic direction. For anybody knowing how Bogdan's driving, very fast. I mean, we took right like Lightning McQueen in Cars.

It was Ronda, a gorgeous city filled with history, situated at 750 m above the sea level, with beautiful white houses and magnificent views.

There is a river named Guadalevin dividing the city in two, through a very deep and spectacular canyon.

Three bridges are used to connect the parts of the city situated on both sides of the cannyon: Puente Romano, Puento Viejo and Puento Nuevo. The last one is not so new as the name says, it was completed in 1793. You can imagine how old are the others.

The origins of the modern city are romans, having been founded by Scipio Africanus, but there are also remains from prehistoric settlements (rock paintings from Cueva de la Pileta) and it seems that the Celts first settled a city called Arunda in this place.

The city was even a capital of a small kingdom, the taifa of Ronda. From that time, around year 1000, remained most islamic architectural features.

The city is full of life and attracts lots of tourists, due to the beautiful views and wonderful position. 

It was an inspiration for many artists: Washington Irving, Prosper Merimee, Gustave Dore wrote here in the beginning of the last century.

Many summers spent here two very famous American writers: Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, being  inspired by the city. After Welles died, in 1985, his ashes were scattered in a Ronda bull-ring.

The restaurants I saw were traditionally decorated in arabian style, with painted tiles on the walls, complicated entrances and beautiful voluted wrought iron at the doors.

We took a moment and had a coffee on the canyon walls (the restaurant was literally carved in the stone), savouring our moment of complicity and the wonderful place we were. 

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ella@lifeologia spunea...

What an incredible city. I can't believe such a magical place exists.
So amazing that you travel so much and visit all these wonders of the world ;)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Thank you, Ella! Travelling became more affordable in the last few years, so we make it happen. With your passion for taking pictures, it will occur to you either :), I'm sure.