duminică, 9 ianuarie 2011

My Bedside Table

One of my favorite activities is reading. My grandfather taught me to fluently read since I was 5, but I really started to enjoy reading since I was 8. My mother was upset on me because I loved to spend my whole days in bed, insanely reading, instead of hanging out with the kids from the block. I could read from the dusk till dawn, no eating at all, maybe some water from time to time. 

I try to teach my kids to love the books, too, but sometimes I doubt I will succeed, especially when I hear about other kids of same age. Any secrets? Please share! I will be forever grateful.

I never read only one book at a time, usualy I have two ongoing, sometimes even three. 

Here is my bedside table, I will try to share every Sunday the latest titles I read. I'd really like to know what you are reading now, please share! If you do so, leave a comment to my post, so I can link back.

So, what is on my bedside table?
Two magazines, Elle November, French edition and Harper's Bazaar, Romanian edition, with the fashion supplement. My Jordi Labanda notebook, instead of an agenda. My memory is terribly weak now (I heard the pregnancies had a role in that), so I have to do lists all the time. Even like that, is no guarantee I will remember everything I need to. 

And what about the books? Francoise Dolto - The Difficulty of Living (La difficulte de vivre), she was a French pioneer psychoanalyst specialised in kids and babies. Her most famous theory is that children have a language before the language (with the body). She has also contributed to the question of the unconscious body image. 

I started to read her books almost 10 years ago, when Runa was just born. Now, everytime I see a new one translated into Romanian, I buy it - a new one for me, of course. This one was published by Gallimard in 1995, here in 2010 by Editura Trei.

The other one is one of my Christmas gifts: Joy of Living (Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness) by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Is a book about meditation and how to understand it. The author gives practical instructions on the practice of meditation which are at once both profound and accessible, showing how any experience, even painful emotions and everyday problems, can be transformed into a source of happiness and joy. 

And, the one item never missing from my bedside table, the handcream :). From Elmiplant, with honey and macadamia oil. Delicious.

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