duminică, 30 ianuarie 2011

Mara's Birthday Reloaded

This weekend we held a kid's party at home for Mara's birthday. We have a big family, and even we invite only our close relatives, the house is full of kids. 
They had the best time ever, playing lots of funny games, being face-painted, eating popcorn and cotton candy. They had real food too, we cooked a lot, my mother in law and myself, even Runa made her own recipe of cake for her sister. 

Home parties are so much fun, but after them we are so tired... In the morning, I almost couldn't move. Cooking, cleaning, partying, then cleaning again... and it's not over yet, but my back hurts and tomorrow is a new day at work, so we gave up for now.

For Runa's birthday we'll definitely choose something else, I'm having some ideas, but about that, later.

I'm wishing you a perfect week and beautiful times together with the people you love!

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Marie spunea...

Beautiful pictures and great face painting. I can't get my indoor pictures to not look yellow!
Your post about Seville made me homesick! A beautiful city.