miercuri, 5 ianuarie 2011

The Village Museum

Every year we use to make at least a visit in the Village Museum, in Bucharest. Is placed in the biggest park in town, Herastrau, and is hosting many traditional fairs and exhibitions. 

It was opened in 1936, in only 2 months, and it is one of the eldest from Europe. In the beginning, they even brought real villagers to live in the museum, for authenticity and sociological research. Unfortunately, the day by day living was destroying the houses, churches and patrimony objects, so it was left just as a museum.

We like to visit the open air museum during autumn celebrations, when we choose nice pieces of art sold here by crafting paysans. Pottery, beads, clay figures, rugs, glass painted icons, wooden whistles, the kids are happy to see and touch them. Sometimes even buy them. 

I'm sorry we didn't do it this winter too, I guess before Christmas everything was charming there.
I know it sound funny, but I'm thinking the Easter fair is not THAT far away, isn't it?

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Very unique items, it looks like fun!