miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010

10 Years Ago

10 years ago I was part of a great team at job, I remember it with pleasure and I really miss those days. Headline: "From whom the advantages come from?". The magazine I worked for at the time was "Avantaje" (=Advantages), a licence of the British "Essentials". Those pictures were the first pages in Avantaje magazine, October 2000 edition.
Recently married, pregnant with my first baby girl, with great colleagues and a great editor-in-chief, Daniela Teodorescu.

It was the firs time I was featured in a magazine, and I felt sooooo proud of it :). Feed my vanity, please!
The above page: the creation team and the deputy editor. The page below is the editorial and advertising team, some of them are still there. Do you recognize me?

It was the first glossy magazine on the Romanian market, launched in 2005 by Tony Gray, a British citizen lost in Romania :).
I know he's gonna read this and hope he will laugh a little bit.
Ok, smile. Thanks.

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