vineri, 5 noiembrie 2010


This year was a difficult year for many couples I know. Some of them got divorced, some others fight each other on a daily basis, some of them became strangers living in the same house, is sad only when you think of it.

This is why today I write about us, the first item on my header, because number one priority for me in this family is to be a w.i.f.e.

Let's be clear, I don't think the whole responsibility for the well-being of a family is on the women's shoulders, but I do think she is the one driving the relationship to its best. I strongly think, due to the fact that I come from a broken family, that the kids are happier if their parents are happy.

I do simple, basic things to keep our love at a high level:

- kiss my man in bed good morning and good night, even we don't go to bed at the same hour (but we usually do)
- kiss him good bye and hello when we leave the home and then we meet again
- listen to him carefully when he talks, no matter what the kids yell at us (very difficult task indeed!), unless they are hurting each other, in that case I stop listening :)
- hold him and letting him holding me at night
- wearing sexy underwear and/or nightwear
- sleeping together at all times, no kids allowed in our bed, and even if we fall asleep sometimes in the kid's beds, always waking up each other to come in bed
- going out for one night a week, to see a movie or to eat at a restaurant and talk
- spending at least one holiday per year just the two of us, no kids, when we spoil each other with kisses and hugs... and much more, but this is not just a holiday treat
- I accept that he has sometimes bad days and I try to comfort him, he does the same for me, but we are not moody without a good reason

And it would be more, but he already went upstairs. :P

I can say that after 11 years of marriage we love each other more and deeper than in the begining. It was good from the start, we learned and we taught what we like, how we feel, what to do to make each other happy. And here we are.

Pam! Pam!

Later edit:
I forgot one of the most important things: LAUGH at any time together!

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Alice in vintageland spunea...

This is a great article. I don’t really see myself married any time soon but it’s nice to know people can be happy and last together as beautifully as you two.

Anonim spunea...

Thank you, Alice! I wish you all the best, married or not! There is a time for anything.

Rural Revival spunea...

Very good advice and you make a beautiful couple!