duminică, 14 noiembrie 2010

A Different Baby Shower

The second day after the baby is Christened is a tradition here for the Godmother to give baby a bath. She wishes to the baby all the best things in life and washes him in front of the whole family. For my kids is such a pleasure to be in the center of the events!

You have to clean the baby in a tub full with pretty things, to wish him a beautiful life: flower petals - to be pretty, sugar - to have a pleasant character, rice - for wealth, gold - to not lead to leak of anything, and so on...

Violeta, the mother, prepared the mixture, and my girls poured it into the water, getting ready for David's bath, while I was holding him in my arms. That was before, I didn't know whom I'm dealing with :).

Mara helped me to wash David, sitting next to the small tub, in bed, and washing him all over the body.

Yeah, I'm kind of skilled in washing little babies, can you believe I'm doing that quite often?

Despite my well prepared hands, David cried during the bath, because he doesn't like to lay on the back.

Violeta was so anxious about David crying, so she couldn't wait to take him faster in a huge towel and comforting him a little bit.

But it wasn't over, the Godmother has to give him a good massage with the oil from the church. During the Christening, this oil stays with the baby things, being said that the child will be protected by evil if you use it after. We call it MIR.

Radu and Runa helped me with the massage, distracting David and trying to entertain him. Well, it didn't work, as you can see :).

Runa was so focused on David wellbeing, so she forgot to put the tongue back in her mouth!

Radu was very curious, he was sitting next to us trying to put his little hands on everything we touched. When he finally reached the oil, he poured some of it on the floor, in the attempt to use it on his own hands.

Now is ready and finally quiet, Runa is very proud of being a little Godmother, too.

So, I let her entrusting David to Violeta, saying the usual mantra for this situation: "You gave me a pagan, I give you a Christian!"

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