duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

Runa and Possibly Mara

We had a hectic weekend with the kids and I remembered how quiet was the house around the Christmas 5 years ago, when Runa drew Mara's name on my big rounded belly...
I am already tired of this early Christmas marketing, with all the commercial Santa's images all over the place, maybe I'm old fashioned but I liked more the times when we started to prepare for winter holidays in December and not in the beginning of November. Now are glitters all over the place and it seems to me that people are less interested in the meaning of Chrismas and being kind with each other but in showing off... is kind of sad.
We took the kids upstairs this afternoon and we prepared boxes with toys to donate and I'd like to prepare some gift boxes like on Meg Duerksen's blog, too.

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